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H2 Workforce offers pre-employment screening services and employee development programs including behavioral assessments, background checks and skills tests. Located in Charlotte, NC, H2 Workforce offers its pre-employment hiring tools and employment services to the business market and has vast experience in helping the retail sector with sales force staffing.

H2 Workforce was established to help companies hire and maintain its workforce better. While the experience of building and managing a business generally differs from company to company, two common elements seem to exist:

  1. Employees are the lifeblood of a company. All other things being equal, at the end of the day it is the talents and abilities of the people who makeup an organization that determines success or failure

  2. Identifying the right people for the right positions is hard and the hiring process rarely gets the focus and resources required to be successful.
So the question is: How does a company consistently identify the best candidates and build a high performance team in an efficient and cost conscience manner?
The answer is H2 Workforce, a feature rich, highly automated, customizable, and easy-to-execute hiring system that provides the “hiring intelligence” and process management tools required to identify the best and make informed decisions about the candidates who apply for any position in a company – all in an environment that bases fees on your actual usage of the products and services offered.  

We want your company to be a success and truly believe H2 Workforce can help. 

We are in the process of building the complete model but please feel free to review and purchase our existing products and/or contact us for more information about what is coming next.

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