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Behavioral Assessment Tool

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The Word Survey is an on-line pre-employment test that measures an individual's underlying temperament and behavior patterns - as well as his/her morale and adjustment on the job. In just 15 minutes, employers can gather incredibly important performance intelligence about prospective employees - before they walk in your door.
The tool can be used to:
  • Learn as much as you can about an individual's work habits before you make a job offer.
  • Understand the temperament and behavior patterns that candidates will bring to the job - for example level of urgency, people focus, sales orientation, and independence.
  • Drive the interview process - the results include specific interview questions based on the candidate's own profile.
Companies that use the Behavioral Assessment Tool can realize a number of benefits, including:
  • No more guesswork: Understanding a candidate's temperament greatly improves your ability to predict on-the-job performance. You reduce reliance on "gut feeling" when making hiring decisions. It has been demonstrated that personality tests, if used correctly, can greatly improve the hiring process.
  • Improve your interview process: Hiring managers can use customized behavioral interview questions and probes to increase objectivity and consistency in the interview process. By focusing on behavioral factors that are relevant to success, managers use their time more effectively and make more-informed decisions.

Order now or contact H2 Workforce at 1.800.519.5691 (Option 2) for more information about how the Behavioral Assessment Tool can help your business succeed.

Price: $225.00 

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