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Background Check 1 - Basic

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Today background checks have become an essential part of the hiring process. The problem is that many reports are difficult to interpret because they can contain redundant, incomplete, or overwhelming amounts of information.

H2 Workforce believes background checks should be user friendly and thus we work with our providers to provide you information in a clean, concise format. And we provide a high level of support to ensure you get accurate results and should you have questions about results or want to custom tailor a solution for your business.

The Basic Background Check provides clients with a very general review of an individual’s past. This report should be used in low risk situations and where cost is a factor.

SSN Address Trace
Provides confirmation that a given social security number is linked to a particular subject, including current/past addresses, birthday (month/year), and aliases
County of Residence Criminal Search
Provides a criminal (felony and misdemeanor) history report for an individual’s current county of residence. All counties in the US are available
It is important to understand that background searches are not perfect and no one scan can catch every item in an individual’s past.Please contact us at 1.800.519.5691 (option 3) if you do not see a particular search in one of our packages. We have a host of additional searches that might be beneficial to you, including Professional License, Reference, Education, Employment, I9, and Global reports. 

  • Background Check products are available only to approved clients. To become approved, complete the Background Checks component of your Account Registration. Call 1.800.519.5691 (option 3) with questions.

  • To issue a Background Check, purchase the Background Check using our secure shopping cart, then assign the check to the desired individual via the Allocation process. Once a Background Check is allocated you must fax the signed Applicant Release Form and the system-generated Barcode Fax Cover Sheet specific to that individual to 1.512.366.7256. (The system automatically generates the Barcode Fax Cover Sheet at the end of the Allocation process.)

  • The applicant must sign the Applicant Release Form in order for the Background Check to be allocated.

  • Some states have County Fees to search court records. Those fees are in addition to the package fee and are charged to your credit card at the time of Allocation, not at the point of purchase.

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