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5 Panel Drug Test

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The 5 Panel Drug Test product screens for the following items :

Marijuana (THC)
Phencyclidine (PCP)
All drug screenings include chain of custody controls and Medical Review Officer (MRO) review.

  • Drug Screening services are available only to approved clients. To become approved, complete the Background Checks component of your Account Registration and mark off the "Yes, I'd like to use Drug Screening services" checkbox. Call 1.800.519.5691 (option 3) with questions.

  • To issue a Drug Screening test, first purchase the desired Drug Screening service using our secure shopping cart, then assign the test to the desired individual via the Allocation process. Once a Drug Screening test is allocated you must fax the signed Applicant Release Form and the system-generated Barcode Fax Cover Sheet specific to that individual to 1.512.366.7256 .(The system automatically generates the Barcode Fax Cover Sheet at the end of the Allocation process.)

  • The applicant must sign the Applicant Release Form in order for the Drug Screening test to be allocated.

  • Before allocating a Drug Screening test, please contact us at 1.800.519.5691 (option 3) or to review and select collection locations.

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